Jacques Brissot lives and works in Paris. He began his career as a film maker (his movie "Egypt O Egypt" was selected as the official French entry for the Cannes Film Festival). Later his unique form of artistic expression, a reinvention of the most dramatic masterpieces of the past through collage, relief, over-painting etc., led to his immense success as a visual artist. There have been many articles written about him, many catalogues published, and personal exhibitions at major galleries, amongst which the Jacques Kerchache, Jean-Claude Bellier, Jean Briance, and Vieille Grille galleries in Paris as well as the Van Dormaele in Brussels and the Maison Descartes in Amsterdam.

In November and December 2007, there will be an exhibition of Jacques Brissot's work at the Centaur Gallery in Las Vegas. This will be the first exhibition of Jacques Brissot's work in the USA.