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Textures of Consciousness - Yair Meshoulam and Friends The Book 'Textures of Conciousness' by Yair Meshoulam and Friends will be published in September 2015 In addition to quality reproduction of the current exhibition artworks, the book will contain reproductions of the complete collection of Yair Meshoulam’s artistic reflection on the texture of consciousness, as well as articles by neuroscientists, philosophers and others.

There's a bug going around is a medical thriller/black comedy where the principal role is taken by HIV, the AIDS virus. The virus encounters one human character after another, and each move advances the plot: “I had an image of the world gone crazy, everyone linked to everyone else in a sort of HIV carousel, like a Schnitzler play from old Vienna”.

Travel Journals This series evokes the comic travel journals of Mark Twain and the Gonzo excesses of Hunter S Thompson but in the author’s own uniquely exuberant style. It is Steven Froelich’s first travel book. Others, to follow, will recount his holiday adventures in the glitz and gutters of Belize, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico.

The First Day by Gérard Beringer is the first in a series of volumes where a single day from the Marquis de Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom is published accompanied by that day’s representation and re-presentation through the eyes of an inspired artist. Thus the reader is spared the ferocity of more than a single day in a single volume and is compensated by the luxuriance of the imagery inspired by the artist.